The Last Fossil Kids

Set in 2050, The Last Fossil Kids is a documentary that is looking back at the transition from fossil to post-fossil city.


What does the present look like from the future? How will the post-fossil generation remember the city of 2017? The Last Fossil Kids is a documentary set in 2050. It consists of interviews with three main characters that are connected through a common project, the redesign of Plaza Europa in Lleida, Spain. Despite this common involvement, the documentary does not aim to focus on the design of the square itself, which is still an unfinished project, but on the background of the three characters involved in the project and how such a background influences their input in the design of the project. The need to think out of the box motivated them to interview themselves and to reflect on how society changed before and after the fossil fuel transition. In order to understand what citizens will expect from city designers, they will do an exercise of remembering how was the society in 2017. The awareness of the past changes should help them to understand what urban designers should do to make designs that satisfy the current society and even to prepare the city for the needs of the future.

Maria Larruga
Josep Pinyol