Jet Stream Catcher

The Jet Stream Catcher completely rethinks the idea of energy production and transportation.


The idea of the Jet Stream Catcher focusses on the transition from current unsustainable energy production practices to carbon-free sustainable sources. Instead of rethinking current energy production techniques, the aim is to invent a completely new energy paradigm not currently being utilized. The Jet Stream Catcher combines drone technology and innovative energy generation techniques and features a so-called Genecopter, which is a mix between a generator and a quadcopter. The device is situated in the jet stream, high above the ground, and harnesses its energy. On the ground, a structure called the energy hub, acts as a distribution centre for the produced energy. It features terraced landing platforms for small, self-sustaining quadcopters, which transfer the energy from the Genecopter in the jet stream to the energy hub on the ground. Electric vehicles of all kinds can access the energy hub, charge their battery, and exit the structure through the exits integrated into the road infrastructure. Excess energy will be transferred to metro trains and other light rail systems in the city.

Yujie Wang
Bryn Martin
Linru Wang
Tian Wei Li