People of Petrotopia

People of Petrotopia shows life in Utrecht without the luxury of fossil fuels. Inhabitants literally need to row with the oars they have got, but: everything is locally produced. You don’t even have to leave the city to buy potatoes straight from the farm! And there is no need for money. New game, new chances?


Sustainable energy is becoming increasingly popular these days, but there is still a long way to go towards a future without fossil fuels. We still make dubious choices that affect the future post-fossil city. In this light, People of Petrotopia explores a post-fossil future that was caused by a depletion of, rather than a shift from fossil fuels. It is a future based on today's choices. In a series of portraits you meet the survivors and are shown places and settlements in post-fossil Utrecht. There's more content available on the People of Petrotopia website and Facebook page.

Virtual Reality

You are invited to explore the future on site with a Virtual Reality tour through Utrecht's city center.

About the makers

Mick de Waart
Axel Buysschaert
Mark Disco
Lennart van Heijningen
Joris van Loenhout
Brian Nap
Niek van der Velde
Eelco de With

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