Cow & Co

Cow & Co are independent businesswomen, who roam freely through the city and use their methane to power milking robots. Buy their fresh urban milk online and tap it just around the corner. Cow & Co is a golden investment opportunity — but with a hidden motive...


Cow & Co is a concept introduced by a group of cows that want to start their own business. The cows transform themselves into self-sufficient machines for milk production, to bring fresh urban milk to the people. Methane gas collected from their rumen is used as a fuel to power a milking robot.

The cows move independently in green spaces of a city and use an online service in order to connect to their customers. The service will also allow the customers to track them in the city and to connect directly to the producer of the best milk in town. Milk produced in your own neighbourhood is addictive; soon, the humans will not be able to go back to the mass-produced milk &mdash. More and more cows will join Cow & Co.

The cows will take care of the milk production themselves. They are equipped with a wellbeing sensor that allows them to rate their customers, but also to provide the system with information regarding veterinary and nutrition costs. It also schedules the necessary maintenance of the milking robot.

Initially, you find the cows of Cow & Co. only in the green spaces of the city. But as the cows start to make a profit, they will be able to buy land for themselves. In this way, they can connect the green spaces and expand their territory bit by bit. The city becomes greener, and urban milk is always right around the corner. The cow loves quietness. The less they are hampered by human noise, the better is the quality of their milk. Will there still be place for humans in the city?

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About the makers

Anastasia Eggers
Ottonie von Roeder