People of Petrotopia

Petrotopia is not a green ideal image, but a dystopia. In this post-fossil city you can find solar-panels and windturbines, but the damage has already been done: the streets of Utrecht are filling up with water.


Even though sustainable energy is becoming increasingly popular these days, there is still a long way to go towards a future without fossil fuels. There are still some dubious choices being made that affect the future post-fossil city, and many of them are made because the sources of fossil fuels are nearly exhausted. Based on this point of view, the publication features a series of visualizations, which show a dystopian post-fossil city: Petrotopia. These imaginaries are accompanied by short texts and published on Facebook to wake people up and motivate them towards changing their behaviour. "If we continue to make choices like that, this is the post-fossil city we will be living in."

The guard
The leader
The anarchist

Mick de Waart
Axel Buysschaert
Mark Disco
Lennart van Heijningen
Joris van Loenhout
Brian Nap
Niek van der Velde
Eelco de With

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People of Petrotopia