How should our cities be designed in the post-fossil era? Maarten Hajer, chairman of the Urban Futures Studio, calls on everyone to participate in the Post-Fossil City Contest. Are you already joining us? Don’t wait any longer — share your idea for the post-fossil city with us!

What is the smell of a post-fossil city?

By Wytske Versteeg — We choose our partners by sniffing them. Body odours are extremely important in determining who we feel attracted to; typically, we are not consciously aware of this. Likewise, the smell scape of a city helps to determine its attractiveness. Read more →

Some Answers to Questions Asked by Potential Submitters

By Peter Pelzer — Last week I presented the Post-Fossil City Contest at the Design Academy Eindhoven, Pecha Kucha Amsterdam and the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. These were all very inspiring crowds with a great many ideas. Several questions were also raised by interested designers and artists. A selection of the questions (and answers). Read more →

Re-Imagining the Street

By Maarten Hajer — In many regards the suggestion that we need to reorganize the inner cities to allow for self-driving vehicles seems more a continuation of the past than an anticipation of a positive future. Read more →