Symbolic City

How do you clean up a dirty city? By envisioning the urban form of the city as clear-cut pieces of a puzzle. Creating the 'smart city' is very complicated, but realizing sustainability step-by-step makes it a lot more comprehensible, according to Walter Breukers and Jaap Godrie.


Symbolic City is designed to give inhabitants another perspective on life. It expresses a new way of living. A city, that serves as a symbol for the fact that future and past are inseperably connected; a city that emerged from the belief, that the post-fossil city needs a new perspective and attitude on life in general. This new perspective is unique in enabling us to think of new technologies. It shows that in the future city, every pebble, gene, photon, and every word has a rich history. Only when the post-fossil city realizes this trivial, but nevertheless fundamental fact, it will be a sustainable and liveable city. The existing city is disassembled into several puzzle pieces, which are ordered according to their history and subsequently used again to build a completely new city. This new city is basically identical to the old one, except for the fact that it has a different configuration.

Walter Breukers
Jaap Godrie

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