Sensorial Time Travel

Artist Jamillah Sungkar makes it imaginable what it is like to live without ‘fossil smells’. It is a smell-based art installation based on odors — oil, gas, tar. Smells that remind of past, dirty, times.


Sensorial Time Travel is an exhibition, featuring six rooms, that lets visitors re-discover their senses to navigate and interact in the interconnected city. The approach seeks to see beyond today’s times and use former times, in which humans did not know how to make use of fossil fuels, to imagine what a post-fossil city could look, feel and smell like. The installation will focus on a range of smells that represent the journey from now until the stage of a post-fossil city, in which smells like car gasses or tar will not exist anymore.

Mist of tar. Scene: now
Soil. Scene: decay
Liquid. Scene: surprising unknown

Jamillah Sungkar

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