Het Devies 2039

This submissions brings a green Amsterdam to life in a newspaper of the future, Het Devies 2039, made by a team of architects, designers and urbanists. What can you read in it? Waste collectors have no jobs, as there is almost no waste. And the first ‘sharing house’, where people live collectively in a sustainable way, celebrates its 25th anniversary.


This newspaper is a publication from 2039. The events taking place in the city of 2039 are happening in a world, where fossil fuels no longer have a place anymore. If you think about it, everything you are using right now contains fossil fuels. If you take this out of the equation, it will leave you with an empty streetscape. Due to increasing urbanisation, future cities will become even more crowded than they are today and we need to ask ourselves how to design those cities in a sustainable manner. Inhabitants of the city will still need to live, work, move, consume and relax. In order to sketch this future city, several topics are incorporated into the newspaper: Awareness, cultural history, material use, modularity, energy exchange, inclusivity and hybrids. Additional to these basic topics, the most important principles that will shape the city of 2039 are listed as living, working, mobility, consumption and leisure.

Joyce van den Berg
Bas Koppers
Bob Mantel
Carlijn Klomp
Cyrus Clark
Geert den Boogert
Iruma Rodriguez
Jannegien Luursema
Joyce van den Berg
Marijke Godschalk
Melanie August de Meijer
Robert Younger
Rosalie Begeer
Ruben Voerman
Sara van Vliet
Wahbe Rezek