City of Sounds and Silence

City of Sounds and Silence is a soundscape of the green city. Is electric mobility making the city silent again, so we can hear birds singing again? Or should electric vehicles play classical music for safety?


City of Sounds and Silence (C.O.S.A.S.) is an interactive Dolby Surround radio play with the length of a pop song. Everything you see is described in a detailed walk through the city, however without going into too much detail when describing objects and buildings, so you will not hear anything about flying cars or office buildings made entirely out of glass, as that would sound too much like science-fiction. The installation thus leaves the details to the imagination of the visitor. C.O.S.A.S. strives towards an emotional experience of the post-fossil city, where sound plays an important role in really involving the visitor in the post-fossil city. Through stimulation of other senses, other parts of the city are highlighted and the installation can be “re-lived” various times.

Sun City
Jeek ten Velden
Frank van Kasteren
Ivo Schot

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